Saturday, 9 May 2009

Ryan Reynolds "Deadpool Movie a dream come true!"

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the Merc with a Mouth in the new Wolverine movie only learned the news of a definite spin-off for his character from internet headlines. But he is ecstatic about being able to reprise the comic book role:
He told ET: "I read [news of the spin-off] online like everybody else. I just woke up and it was the headline everywhere. It was a very strange way to learn something.

"I'd by lying if I didn't say I was hoping that that would come of this film. It's somebody I've wanted to play my whole adult life so it's sort of a dream come true."

In an earlier interview he had said: "I've always loved the character. I remember reading one of the Deadpool comic books, and in the comic somebody asks Deadpool what he looks like.

"And he said he looks like a cross between a Shar-Pei and Ryan Reynolds. And I was like, I really, really wanna play this guy at some point. I thought it was pretty cool. It's a guy that knows he's in a comic book. How hard is it to shoot that properly? That's not something they put in Wolverine nor would it belong in that universe.

"This character is something I've been mentioned about for a long, long time now. And the character in the comic book - Deadpool - even mentioned me playing him. So I think it was in some weird way it was a little bit destined.

Deadpool confirmed for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance was a highly popular videogame for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Playstation Portable and the Gameboy Advance and featured Deadpool as a playable character.

Well, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is being worked on - supposedly focusing on the Civil War storyline - and with Deadpool's raised profile it was no surprise that he has been announced as one of the playable characters for the sequel.

He appears in an ad in the new Wolverine video game... 

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Deadpool movie confirmed?

With the success of the recent Wolverine movie still ringing in their ears, and with Ryan Reynolds' portrayal of Deadpool popular, it was a fairly easy decision for Marvel Studios to decide to speed up the development of a Deadpool movie.

Ryan Reynolds will return in the lead role and, although no details are yet available on the direction of the film, Marvel are said to be ramping up resources attached to the project. Expect to see more announcements soon!

Deadpool Catch Up

Deadpool is a comic book character sometimes depicted as a mercenary or antihero; he was created by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza and first appeared in The New Mutants #98 (February 1991).

Nicknamed the "Merc with a Mouth", Deadpool is a high-tech mercenary known for his wisecracks, black comedy, and satirical pop-culture references. Like the X-Men's Wolverine, Deadpool is the product of the Canadian government's paramilitary Weapon X program, although his place of birth is unknown. After Weapon X cured his terminal cancer by implementing a regenerative "healing factor" extracted from Wolverine, Deadpool is left disfigured and mentally unstable.